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Although MIR Sheward Musical Instrument Repairs was founded relatively recently, this is the latest chapter in a history that stretches back half a century. Between us the team has many years’ experience in the music industry, and we are the ideal people to give you independent expert advice about all your repair and musical sales needs.

The staff were previously with Musical Instrument Repairs and Sales Ltd (MIR), which operated out of premises at Hereward Rise, Halesowen, for over 30 years and was well known locally, nationally and internationally for quality repairs and sales of new and reconditioned instruments. Since the closeure of MIR Halesowen in 2009 we have been operating as Connolly MIR of West Bromwich until 2015.

Sadly, MIR is no longer operating in its previous guise, but Matt who worked with the founder Charlie Connolly has assembled a first-rate team at MIR Sheward Musical Instrument Repairs in Oldbury. Matt and his team are continuing to meet the needs of all musicians, from students to world-renowned professional musicians, and are bringing older instruments back to life and keeping newer instruments in tip top condition. The profiles below tell you a bit more about the background of MIR Sheward Musical Instrument Repairs and its staff.

We no longer operate from West Bromwich and have moved to its new location here in Oldbury operating out of a new purpose built workshop and the name has changed to MIR Sheward Musical Instrument Repairs. Charlie Connolly has now decided to take a back seat in this new venture which will enable him to spend more time with his loved ones and to travel more.


From Charlie Connolly:

After over half a century of being on the bench repairing, I feel the time has finally arrived to hang my apron up and hand over the screwdriver to the next generation. I’m looking forward to spending time with my wife, children and grandchildren. Carole has already prepared a list of jobs for me around the house, which should keep me busy for quite some months to come!

Over the decades I’ve worked with and trained countless repairers – Matthew Sheward is among the very best of those. I’ve worked with him for 18 years, the past 6 of which have been alongside each other at Connolly Musical Instrument Repairs until 2015. So if you’ve brought your instrument to us, there’s a 50:50 chance that Matt’s the person who repaired it for you. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him as the person to take care of your instrument repairs into the future. It’s been a pleasure serving you all for the past 52 years. I’ve met so many wonderful and talented musicians and made some amazing friendship along the way and I wish you all the very best for the future. I feel very lucky and privileged to have spent so long in a profession that feels more like a hobby to me than a job. It’s been a blast: over to you Matt!

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Matt Sheward

Matt started his career at MIR in Halesowen in 1996, initially on a work experience scheme before moving on to time in sales and then training to become a first class brass and woodwind repairer.

Matt’s expertise and reputation has led him to become the preferred repairer for the band UB40, as well as many other famous musicians and tribute bands. He is one of the only repairers of Grafton Saxophones in the country. He has made a double belled trumpet so that you can play a mute in one bell and normal in the other for Steve King, you can play both sounds in one piece of music by the press of a fourth valve. After working closely with many insurance companies he now also finds himself the preferred repairer for damaged musical instruments by several leading companies across the country. In addition to our UK customers we now find ourselves increasingly repairing many instruments from abroad that lack the expertise that we can offer.

During his (rare) days off, he enjoys fishing and spending time with his wife Sarah, daughter Ellie, son Kai and daughter Eve.

From Matt:

Hi everyone, my aim during this next chapter in the MIR legacy is to provide the same great service to musicians and education authorities that we are already providing. To start with the name of this new venture is MIR Sheward Musical Instrument Repairs. As you can see I want to keep the MIR name alive for many years to come. The workshop is conveniently located near Junction 2 of the M5 in Oldbury. Altough these changes have been made the only real difference is the actual location.

Many of you already know me and I too have made many friends along the way. I wish to continue this relationship in the music trade and hopefully with all your support for many years to come. I have been repairing musical instruments now for many years and there is no job too big or too small that I can not repair. I have worked so close with Chaz over the last 18 years and consider him and his family to be the closest of my friends. Its sad that we will no longer be side by side on a day to day basis, however this is not the end for us. He is still on the bench occasionaly (please don’t tell his wife). I owe Chaz for everything I know as a repairer and will keep the same high standard expected from my customers.

Email: repairs@sheward-mir.co.uk


Sarah Sheward

Matts wife will now be very involved in this new venture. Although she is quickly becoming a dab hand in repairing musical instruments her main role will be in the accounts side of the business. Sarah is your first point of call for anything related to accounts.

Email: accounts@sheward-mir.co.uk | sarah@sheward-mir.co.uk


Address: MIR Sheward Musical Instrument Repairs,
27 Moore Crescent, Oldbury, West Midlands, B68 9QP.
Telephone: +44 (0)121 544 7742 | Mobile: 07872 390 074
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